Once Upon a Lama

In the fictitious city of Strathaven, the North American hub for cyber security, a data recovery operator, Roman, dodges a national security team using his knowledge about a security breach and stolen diamonds.

91 Minutes to Live or Die

No one wants to believe the information that Wael has to share. He sets out on his own mission to stop a catastrophic event. All he has is 91 Minutes.

The Dwelling

When Martin offers his old house to Alan, Mary and their daughter, Jenny, it unravels a past that rocks the town. Can they solve the mystery?

Ten Murders I Did Not Commit

When Ajay arrives as a new immigrant in the new nation he is put behind bars for ten murders within ten days of his landing. After 25 years the retired Chief of Police gives letters from Ajay to his Grand Daughter who opens the case.

Ten Murders I Did Commit

This is the father and son redemption. But who is behind this ten past and ten present.

The Confikerrr

When you invent something you want the world to benefit from it. One man’s journey to get justice.

Short Stories

The Village Diaries – Through the Eyes of a Dog Walker

Children Books

The Princess and the Prince



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